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Space and Atomic

We provide integrated architectures and services to help you achieve your sustainable operation targets producing affordable, innovative, safe and healthy products. With Integrated solutions, make your plant more efficient, productive and green and save up to 30% in Energy Efficiency.

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Application Expertise On

1. Liquid milk Processing
2. Milk Powder
3. Reception Management
4. Pre-treatment
5. CIP System
6. Conveying System
7. Packing

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  • Solutions

    1. Recipe, Batch and Alarm Management
    2. KPI, Dashboard Creation, ERP/SAP Connectivity
    3. Web, Mobile and Android based solutions
    4. Collaborative and Integrated Architectures
    5. High Availability Solutions
    6. Modernization Solutions
    7. Distributed Control System
    8. Integrated Security and Video Management with Process SCADA
    9. Process Optimization
    10. Intelligent Motor Control and Power Control Integrated SCADA
    11. Safety Solution – SIL